Millions of Brands Are Growing Their Businesses With Apps

Mobile Apps are one of the most sales inducing tool in the market. Many who has converted their websites into apps reported to have increased their sales and customers retention by fold.
Brands That Achieved Super Success With Apps

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More than half of the world is using mobile apps for browsing, social media engagements, buying dresses, making transactions and chit-chating.

Mobile apps have been largely reported to increase business revenues via effective push messages, customers retention and brand loyalty.

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Powerful Highlights

Improve Sales Conversions

Rocket your sales today by keeping your customers close to you 24/7 with an app. Keep them notified with your new products, services and promotions, your marketing content and sales drives!

Lightweight Pocket Size

Its easy to impress your customers with an impressive and effective app, but apps with large size are at risk of getting deleted. Have no fear with Monster App, we are professionals in keeping the size lightweighted.

Unlimited Push Messages

Send unlimited push notifications to update your customers about your promotions, new launchings, service introductions, and pair up with your remarketing strategies to increase your revenues.

The Era of Big Data

Get a hold of your customers database, who are they, where and how to contact them and use it for remarketing, sending them promotions and create strategies to get them wanting more from what you sell.

Keep Customers Loyal

While acquiring new customers is important, retaining existing customers is absolutely essential to grow your business. They are your repeated sales and also free brand ambassadors.

Social Media Integration

Easy access to your social medias from the app, keeping your customers in loop with the latest updates. Monster App integrates links that lead to your Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube and many more, making real social connections for your business!

What We Offer

Convert your website to Android and Apple Mobile Applications with only your URL.

Convert to IOS Mobile App

We will convert your web url to IOS mobile application, ready to launch and you can submit to APP STORE.

Convert to Android Mobile App

We will convert your web url to Android mobile app, ready to launch and you can submit to PLAY STORE.


Amazing Features

Unlimited Push Notifications

Boost your sales with push messages to your existing and potential customers.

Social Media Integrations

Link your social medias with your app and let your potential customers get to know you more!

Pull To Refresh

Make it easy browsings for visitors when they are checking out your contents.

Database Sync

Realtime Update. Any changes to the website will reflect immediately on the apps.

What Our Customers Have To Say

This Monster App team is amazing! Easy to work with and got my app exactly the way I want it in just 3 days time. So fast and so convenient!

Jennifer Lee

Online Business Owner, Slimming

First I thought Apps are only for brands like Lazada, Shopee and etc. So I was just trying when I first bought it. Its very affordable, so just want to try out. To my surprise, this app contributed at least 30% of my revenue now. Many repeated sales!

Mr. Ong

Healthcare Therapist, Physiotherapy

I always had my own online store, but its web based. So it’s getting harder to keep customers loyal to me until I found Monster App. I get more sales repetitions than ever!

Megan C'ornell

Entrepreneur, Home Appliances

Boy, they were fast! Got my android app in just 3 days time. Was just trying it out for the cheap price. I added IOS and it has been published to App Store since. Great bargain here, I would say! Thanks a bunch!

George Baker

Owner, Cafe

Bring Your Business To The Next Level And Be A Part Of The Game Changing Era Of Mobile Apps. Convert Now And Grow Your Business

Have a Project in Mind?

We can design and build any type of mobile apps, such as dating apps, marketplace, ecommerce, food delivery services and etc. Nothing too big or too small for us, Monster App fits all scale of projects. But bear in mind, custom development usually starts from $10,000. Just remember to prepare a complete business plan, features that you are looking for, some references will be great and you can contact us via the button below!