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It’s time, to start growing your FNB business Online! Let your customers buy from you ONLINE!


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When Your Customers Can’t Eat Out or Don’t Want To

It’s Time You Do Food DELIVERY!

Remember how pandemic disrupted the retails businesses, especially food & beverages? It was 2020. How many cafe and restaurants closed because they don’t do online delivery? Still want to make money during lock down? Or customers lazy going out to eat?

It’s time, to change your business from only retail to ONLINE DELIVERY!


Grilled Mushrooms

These grilled mushrooms are button mushrooms threaded onto skewers then grilled to golden brown perfection and brushed with garlic butter. An easy low carb side dish option!


Tasty Fish

A whole steamed fish represents togetherness, making this flavourful dish great for family meals and part of feasts for festive occasions.


King Crab

The crabs are a dark, wine red when they’re alive, and bright red when they’re cooked. The meat is snow white, with bright red highlights.

Food Delivery App Packages

For Single Vendor

Try It For 3 Months

You can now try our Android App Package for only $199 / month.

Food Delivery App Packages

For Multi Vendor

Try It For 3 Months

You can now try our Multivendor Android App Package for only $299 / month.

Customer Mobile Features

  • Single / Multiple Food Delivery Management System
  • Classified Businesses and Listings
  • Geolocation and Google Map Address
  • Live Chat between Service Providers and Customers
  • Light & Dark Theme Option
  • Easy Theme Color Selection
  •  E-Payment, Credit / Debit Payment Integration Ready
  • Multi Languages Support (Includes LTR / RTL)
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Loyalty Points System Option
  • Easy Login, Authentication & Manage Profile

Web Admin Features

  • Admin Dashboards and Statistics
  • Multi Roles and Permission (Admin, Vendor, Customer)
  • Payment Gateway Configuration
  • Multi-language Admin Panel Option
  • Social Media Authentications
  • Medias & File Manager Integrated

Vendor App Features

  • Vendor Dashboards and Statistics
  • Create Business
  • Food Listing and Pricing Management
  • Find Address Direction on Map
  • Accept / Decline Orders
  • Confirm Customers Cash Payments


What People are Saying

“Beautiful Affordable
Mobile Solution”

This is the best find in 2020 for mobile apps with such pricing. My customers love it and thought I spent a huge sum for it!

Jake Craig, Restaurant

“Fabulous Service and Speed”

“Fast App delivery. Took only 10 days to setup! At times like this, this is very convenient for us doing F&B.”

Sharifah, Cafe Owner

“Like Grab Food / Uber Eats but much Cheaper”

“Very smooth usage, feels like Grab & Hungry but better because we can give promo ourselves and send notifications to customers! Very powerful App!

Annie Wong, Noodle Shop

“Easy to Use”

Business owners with zero IT background like us can use this app easily. Very convenient!”

Shiva, Curry House

Mobile App Features

Admin Dashboard Features

Provider App Features

Food Delivery App

Smooth Operation
Drive Sales

Very Affordable

What Do You Get
3 Apps. Admin panel, IOS and Android!
(Additional Vendor App for Multi Vendor Option)

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